The Invitation



Do you desire an intimate relationship with God but struggle with questions about God's goodness? Have you ever asked, "If God is so good, then why did that happen?  Why was my childhood surrounded by so much trauma and abuse? Why is there so much ugliness and pain in the world? How could a good God allow such terrible things to happen to me?"

God is not afraid of these tough questions and offers everyone a personal invitation to an intimate relationship with him, the Creator of the universe.  Will you have the courage to push past old beliefs about God and embrace him as a good loving Father? The Invitation is calling you into a deeper , intimate relationship with God, Will you accept?

Upcoming Conferences

We have no conferences scheduled at this time.  If you would life to book a conference please contact 

Rebecca 763-486-8075

Conference Speakers

Tracie Rademacher


Conference Speaker Tracie Rademacher is a gifted speaker and mother of four whom Tracie home schools. She  is on staff as a prayer counselor with both The Redeemed church and He Cares Ministries. In addition to those ministries Traci founded Julia's Truth, to help people find out the truth about abortion in all it's aspects. She is the MN coordinator for Silent No More Awareness, a board member of the Pregnancy Resource Center and a Pro-life and Post Abortion public speaker. Tracie has an amazing testimony of the road to healing!

Brenda Engelking


Conference Speaker Brenda Engelking is a credentialed pastor, conference speaker, and author of the Love-Trust-Rest curriculum. For more than 20 years prior to full time ministry, Brenda served domestic violence victims in various capacities and trained law enforcement, probation officers and judges on domestic violence and lethality.  Brenda is married to Matthew Engelking and lives in Minnesota with her two rescued pit bulls, Moses and Esther.   

Emily Janzen


Conference Speaker Emily Janzen is the Senior Pastor of The Redeemed Church, a church plant in Clearwater, MN. Emily is married to her husband Brian. They have three children whom Emily homeschools. In addition to family, and a church plant Emily ministries through He Cares ministry, a ministry she started several years ago after discovering how her life today was impacted by the healing of the wounds of her past. Transformation was life changing, she had to help other also discover change is possible and a healed life is amazing.



"I attended the Intimacy Unashamed conference held at our church.  My name is Joe and I am 60 years old.  I say this because the Lord is never done with you no matter how old you are.  The conference was amazing from start to finish as the Lord showed me some of the lies I still believed and that kept me from intimacy with my Jesus and my wife.  I praise God for his goodness to me through this conference.  To all the guys who might be reading this, I challenge you to go to this conference and see what the Lord will do through these wonderful women of God.  You will not be disappointed!"


"When I attended the Intimacy Unashamed Conference I was a Christian but because of things in my past, I wasn't letting myself be vulnerable to all that Jesus had for me!  But after attending the conference, I found my walls were broken down and I finally had the relationsip with Jesus I so longed for and all his love came pouring in!  Now I find scriptures mean so much more and I have so much more joy and peace in Life!"


"I would like to share concerning the Men's Conference: Intimacy Unashamed.  I attended this one day conference on a Saturday.  It was well worth my time.  All of the speakers were women, but they did a fantastic job ministering to us men.  I listened & took notes, but the greatest impact on/in me was at the end of the last session when they had alter ministry.  When I entered into the 'alter time' and broke through my own hesitations, I had a personal breaking/break through.  It was wonderful to have the 'lies' that the enemy has held over me for years exposed and broken off of me.  Now, I just need to follow through each time one of those lies are whispered or shouted to me in my spirit."

Pastor Robert Christenson

"As Pastor of Park Assembly, we took a step forward and offered our men a conference: Intimacy Unashamed.  The speakers were all women, but these women shared from their hearts and ministered to our men in areas where women have demeaned and walked over them.  Our men were greatly ministered to and blessed.  It was such a blessing to even hear our guys before the conference share with me their excitement, knowing that the Lord was going to do something of real significance in their lives.  

Be Blessed as you open your door for this conference and enjoy the healing and blessing that will come to your men!"


"Each of the women presenting their segment in this program were genuine and insightful. Their lives and words reflect someone who has been redeemed and who now lives life to the fullest in Kingdom living.  The Light they are reflecting has shone on me during the conferences I've been part of, I have been blessed."


"Jesus can and wants to break all your chains.  This conference is the most practical, step by step, way of breaking free.  Jesus will be with you on your journey.  This is for everybody!"